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Milk straight from the cow' is back! Filtered,Chilled & bottled and ready to buy 15 minutes after milking! Only possible due to the the simplicity of Organic farming.

Call out to the farm house where you can sample the milk.

One free Bottle of milk for every new customer.

Thanks Deane

About Our Milk

Our Organic Raw Milk is made the made the way it should be, by cows fed solely on grass/clover sward during the summer and silage during the winter months. The only process our milk goes through is that it's filtered, chilled and bottled, that's it, meaning that you have a food that is as close to its natural state as possible.

We pay particular attention to hygiene to ensure the strict bacteria tests set by the Food Standard Agency are easily met.

Benefits of Organic Raw Milk

Our cows are feed on 100% organic diet of grass/clover sward and silage grown on our farm meaning that no GMO's enter the food chain.

Raw milk is not homogenized, contains more vitamin C, more calcium, 100% milk enzymes and more omega3, plus it tastes great.

How To Buy Our Milk

We run a local delivery service in the Tandragee, Portadown, Lurgan Banbridge and Armagh area and have a drop off point in Lisburn.

However, most people pre-order their milk and simply call at our farm and pick up their purchase from there.

Contact Us


136 Ballymore Road, Tandragee, Co.Armagh, BT62 2JZ.

Phone 07526997501

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